Support for experts

Our aim is to work in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental bodies, institutions of healthcare and education, and any individual expert involved in the rehabilitation of persons with visual impairment. In an attempt to widen the range of our activities, we are open for collaboration with professionals working in rehabilitation, and colleagues from different fields (e.g. psychologists, social workers, teachers of students with visual impairment from the inclusive classroom, ophthalmologists etc.). Also, individuals with visual impairment and their families take active part in our activities.

Support for Individuals with visual impairment and for their family members

Continuously updated databases can be searched on the LÁRESZ website, all of which provide information on organisations and experts supporting individuals with visual impairment. Information is not restricted to rehabilitation; we wish to support the community by providing information on accessible leisure time, sport, art etc. Facilities for persons with visual impairment. The LÁRESZ databases also provide up-to-date information on available tenders and funds.